Who is Type2dialog?

Type2dialog – specialist in strategic concepts and development of high performance eldercare

Type2dialog is a private consultancy that for more than a decade, in cooperation with universities and other research institutes has developed effective strategic concepts relating to quality development, management training and staff training for large eldercare enterprises, including home care and nursing homes. As a supplier to more than half of the operators of Denmark's eldercare, Type2dialog is well equipped to export knowledge and solutions to the eldercare sector in other countries. We put quality standard and evidence-based knowledge directly into practice in the eldercare sector. Type2dialog specialises within:

  • Advice on e.g. the setting up and operation of care centres/home care/nursing
  • Implementation of working procedures and standards
  • Quality development of home care and care centres
  • Development of high performance health care teams

We design and implement strategic concepts to develop quality and competency in management as well as employees within the area of eldercare – e.g. development of cross functional measures aimed at:

  • Home care & care centres
  • Rehabilitation centres, chronic care centres & dementia centres

Our concepts are versatile, but co-operations are always tailored towards the local need.

Our services abroad

Type2dialog cooperate with professional partners on delivering an overall solution tailored to the need of the market. We offer assistance in the planning as well as in the operational phase. Examples of our services are

  • Operational design & advice
  • Quality standards & development
  • Implementation, Human Resource planning & on-going corporate training
  • Welfare technology
  • Prevention of admissions
  • Human capital
  • Quality audits
  • Presentations, workshops & lectures at conferences & educational institutions
World class eldercare

Denmark has a long standing tradition of delivering quality service to its citizens, who due to illness or age need help from professional health care personnel with either home care or home nursing. Citizens, who are no longer able to manage on their own at home, can either intermittently or permanently move to a rehabilitation centre, where they can feel secure due to the high quality. Denmark's official institutions and private companies, e.g. Type2dialog, have for decades researched and developed solid service concepts in order to ensure this.

We tailor well-tested Danish care solutions to the need of the Chinese market

Type2dialog is a D’Care (Danish Care Group) partner: A framework set up by the Danish government to establish partnerships between Danish and Chinese collaborators and to pave the way for the development of a high quality eldercare sector. Several large Danish companies such as Novo Nordisk and ISS Facility Management are already active in China, and the Danish and Chinese governments have entered into agreements to ensure the co-operation between the companies and official authorities of the two countries in order to develop solutions that are optimal for the Chinese care sector. Particularly in terms of equipment, services and know-how within areas such as:

  • Design, operation & management of nursing, home care & rehabilitation
  • Architecture & interior design of care homes
  • Medicine, welfare technology & IT
  • Education & on-the-job training
Challenges within the Chinese eldercare sector: Elderly population with several lifestyle illnesses

As in many other countries, the number of lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases are on the rise in China. There is an enormous increase in the ageing population in China, but less and less young people care for the elderly. Currently there are over 112 million Chinese people over the age of 60. In 2025 the expected number will be 280 million. A large number of these will eventually depend on other people in regards to home care, nursing, home nursing or long term care in a nursing home. This is why the Chinse eldercare sector needs to set up nursing homes and home caring on a larger scale.

Mixing the best from Chinese and Danish culture to create a world class eldercare sector

The Chinese government has invited experts from Denmark to assist in the development of the Chinse eldercare sector. For more than a century Denmark has developed solid welfare solutions aimed at the elderly and is one of the world's leading countries in terms of, amongst other, rehabilitation, technology and prevention of hospitalisation. Type2dialog has for more than a decade played an important role in the development of the Scandinavian eldercare sector. We have a unique insight into the running of nursing homes, nursing and home care and in co-operation with our Chinese collaborators we are going to tailor the Danish solutions to the needs of the Chinese society. 

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Would you like to know more about Type2dialog? Please contact Managing Director Helene Hoffmann at hh@type2dialog.dk or mobile  + 45 2384 6913


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